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For Sale
# 1500,000

Due to requests from our wonderful clients and consultants, we have been moved to extend the Ileya Promo on Sentosa City Estate Epe 2 to the end of the month!

Price Ranges below

1 Bedroom Apartment 55Million.
4 Bedroom Apartment + Bq 155Million
4 Bedroom Penthouse + Rooftop 300Million

For Sale
#5 Million and above

It is an investment destination and choice area for developers and real estate investors. Return on Investment (ROI) is guaranteed. Tested and trusted.

For Sale
#2000000 Upwards

Own a property in the thriving town of Ibeju Lekki.

June 15 is a blend of residential and commercial hubs redefining the concept of thriving and healthy communities in Lagos. 

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An apartment is a self-contained living unit that is part of a larger building or complex. It is typically one of several units located within the same structure, sharing common areas, facilities, and amenities. Apartments can vary in size, layout, and features, offering a range of housing options for individuals and families


Houses are standalone residential structures designed to provide a private living space for individuals or families. Unlike apartments, houses are typically not part of larger buildings or complexes, and they offer more autonomy and space for the occupants. Houses come in various styles, sizes, and architectural designs, catering to diverse preferences and needs


Offices are dedicated spaces or premises where individuals or groups work, collaborate, and conduct business activities. These spaces are designed to provide a productive and organized environment for professionals to carry out their work-related tasks. Offices can vary widely in size, layout, and amenities, depending on the nature of the business and the specific needs of the occupants

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